Arena Plus: Pat Connaughton's Shooting

Key Shooting Metrics

Pat Connaughton's shooting stats reflect his value to the team as a versatile shooter. As of the latest NBA season, he maintains a field goal percentage around 43-45%. His three-point shooting percentage hovers between 37-40%, making him a reliable option from beyond the arc. These numbers are indicative of his significant contribution to his team's perimeter scoring.

  • Field goal percentage: 43-45%
  • Three-point percentage: 37-40%

Performance in Clutch Moments

Connaughton often steps up in clutch moments, particularly during playoff games. His ability to drain critical shots has proven invaluable. For example, in several key playoff games, he managed to hit over 40% of his three-point attempts, contributing significantly to his team’s victories. Clutch shooting can transform the momentum of a game, and Connaughton excels in this area.

  • Playoff three-point percentage: Over 40%
  • Key playoff victories

Impact on Team Dynamics

His shooting not only scores points but also spreads the floor. This creates opportunities for his teammates, as defenses have to account for his shooting ability. In the games where Connaughton scores in double digits, his team’s winning percentage noticeably increases. His shooting stats highlight the importance of his role in the team’s offensive strategy.

  • Scoring in double digits
  • Increased winning percentage

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