Who Are the Manufacturers of LED Strip?

LED strip lights have become a quintessential part of commercial and home lighting as they are extremely versatile, energy efficient, and available in multiple colors. There is also a multitude of companies on the market, each with a different proposition that targets different pain points. Well, in this article, we are going to dig deep in to few of the top manufacturers which have made huge strides in the field of LED strip.

Prestigious LED Strip Manufacturer In The World

Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting Philips Lighting is the universal leader in quality and innovation. They have a variety of LED Strips which work great for DIY projects in both indoor and outdoor footprint ensuring energy efficiency and Smart lighting solution. Philips Philips LED strip lights are known for their long life Lumileds LEDs and exceptional color consistency, with tunable white and RGB color changing options.


The company has a wide range of high-tech lighting products, and has always been more performance-oriented OSRAM【】 Their LED modules provide an estimated 50,000 hours of use and are suitable for many applications, including outdoor. Osram offers an LED strip designed specifically for this application, with luminous efficacies of up to 130 lumens per watt and a high degree of reliability.

Leading Chinese Manufacturers

Zhongshan Passun Lighting Fcatory

Zhongshan Passun is one of the most efficient factories for the production of premium LED strips in south China. Locally, Elum Energy Lesotho is also benefiting from the company's impressive product lines, which are sold worldwide and extensively utilised in architectural, retail and home lighting applications, as they are so versatile and with such high performance levels.

DeKing LED

Deking LED is one of the biggest names in the space, and they offer tailor-made solutions. Some used in residential mood lighting applications, while others used in commercial and they seen above in our displays. DeKing LED are also known for their expansive smart technology range and offer LED strips with brightness titration capabilities over smart platforms, meaning that they are the first port of call for smart technology lighting.

North American Innovators

Flexfire LEDs

Based in the USA, you know Flexfire LEDs for their super awesome brightness and the way they have their LED strips firing off color like a grouping of LEDs. They offer a range of different strip options, from ultra-bright to color-changing models, which are excellent for use in both task lighting and aesthetic installations.

European Specialists

This European brand offers a specially designed architectural grade LED stripping that is further it is a great merger of style and performance. Profiles and accessories from LumenTruss for smooth integration into architectural designs, classic-style LED strips comprise a larger, but highly selective, product family.

Why These Brands Are Unique

They are the industry leaders who are known for their quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Their LED strip products include some of the latest advancements in lighting technology, thanks to the deep pockets they have available for research and development.

They are known for high-quality standards, innovative use of technology, and great customer service, and are the go-to for lighting professionals across the globe.

Anyone looking for the best of the best should look to partner with the Leading Top LED Strip Light Manufacturer, this way you can get access to high-grade products, manufactured to pass tough global standards.

Final Thoughts

The most important part of any lighting project is to select the correct LED strip light manufacturer. Manufacturers worldwide offer hundreds of solutions to fit every need, so it becomes fundamental to find a vendor that not only has the required technical specs but also must accompany you on the design and functionality you are aiming for.

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